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Yongsung Cho |

Title: Doctor Degree in 2021

Institution: Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (한국전기연구원)

Thesis Title: Discharge Defects Recognition of Gas Insulated Equipment by SF6 Decomposition Products

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Su-Hun Kim |

Title: Doctor Degree in 2020

Institution: KNU (Kyungpook National University) (경북대학교-포스닥)

Thesis Title: Study on the Advanced Superconducting Techniques based on NbTi / MgB2 for Applications

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Yoonho Park |

Title: Master Degree in 2018

Institution: KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Research Institute) (한국전력 전력연구원)

Thesis Title: Fully Coupled Finite Element Analysis for Corona Characteristics under HVDC Transmission Lines

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Jin-Hyun Choi |

Title: Master Degree in 2017

Institution: Hanwha Defense ((주)한화/방산-연구소)

Thesis Title: Multiphysics Analysis for Surface Discharge of Composite Dielectric Materials in Insulating Liquid

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Ho-Young Lee |

Doctor Degree in 2014

Professor in Changshin University (창신대학교-교수)

Master's thesis: Finite Element Analysis of Space Charge Propagation in Dielectric Liquid Employing Multiphysics Technique
Doctorate thesis: Multiphysics Analysis of Electrical Discharge and Electrohydrodynamics in Dielectric Liquid

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In-Ho Kim |

Doctor Degree in 2016

SEMES (삼성전자 자회사 SEMES - 연구소)

Master's thesis: High Strong Homogeneous Magnetic Field Analysis for MRI/NMR System Using Spatial Harmonic Function
Doctorate thesis: Flow Electrification Analysis for Electromagnetic-Fluid Dynamics Coupling System

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Chang-Seob Kwak |

Master Degree in 2016

Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (한국전기연구원)

Master's thesis: Analysis of 3D Arc Characteristics for Spiral Type in Vacuum Interrupter by Using Arc Voltage Equation

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Joo-Yong Baek |

Master Degree in 2015

International Electric Co.,Ltd. (국제전기(주)-연구소)

Master's thesis: Characteristics of Temperature and Magnetic Shielding for Electromagnetic Systems by using Electromagnetic-Thermal Fluidic Coupled Analysis

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Jong-Woo Kim |

Master Degree in 2015

SL Corporation (SL(주)-연구소)

Master's thesis: Electromagnetic Volume Force Density with Virtual Air Gap and Structural Deformation Analyses of Electro-Mechanical System

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